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Looking Back on Takehisa Yumeji, an Illustrator and Poet Depicting Beauty, Love, and Grief in the Taisho Era

The Takehisa Yumeji Museum opened on November 3, 1990. The museum houses collections of Yumeji's works owned by lawyer and curator Takumi Kano, and is located in Hongo where Yumeji stayed in the Kikuhuji Hotel. Yumeji also enjoyed meeting his dear lover, Hikono Kasai, in Hongo. Hongo is surrounded by both tranquility and the greenery of trees, reminiscent of days of old. You can enjoy extensively the romance of the Taisho Era, including not only pictures of Yumeji's style of depicting beautiful women, which may remind you of the good old days, but also works reflecting attempts at modern design at our museum, which is the only museum exhibiting the works of Yumeji in Tokyo.


Exhibition Activities

We conduct a special exhibition every three months (January - March, April - June, July - September, October to December). For the special exhibitions, we plan to show various themes reflecting both the life and art of Yumeji. We explore deeply these themes as a museum which researches the works of Yumeji. We have 200-250 works of art drawn by Yumeji Takehisa on constant display.



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