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Pursuing the Attraction of the Published Art of Illustrators such as Kasho Takabatake who Captured the Spirit of the Meijij, Taisho, and Showa Generations

Takumi Kano established the Yayoi Museum on June 1, 1984.
In 1929, a nine-year-old boy, Kano, encountered a picture titled "Goodbye Hometown!" drawn by illustrator Kasho Takabatake who caught the spirit of the generations of that time. This experience made a deep impression on him. In the spring of 1965, 36 years after Kano first saw the picture, he found an article on a magazine mentioning Kasho lived at Airoen, old-age home, in Akashi. Then Kano wrote a letter to Kasho about the impressions his works made on him during his childhood. With this as a start, their relationship began. Kano set aside a room in his own house for Kasho which Kasho visited many times. Furthermore, the "Kasho-no-Kai" tea ceremony held in his honor was started, and an exhibition at the Matsuzakaya department store in Ueno was held, which attracted once again public attention. Kasho, however, passed away the following year at 78 years of age. A childhood encounter with one picture.... For Kano, nothing can be said to last an eternity except the impression that was made during his childhood. After obtaining the copyright for Kasho's works, Kano was able to realize his long-cherished ambition to establish the Yayoi Museum in order to exhibit the Kasho collection, 18 years after Kasho's passing.


Exhibition Activities 

We conduct a special exhibition every three months (January -March, April - June / July - September / October December), on the first and the second floors of the Yayoi Museum. We display not only the works of reputed illustrators from the end of the Meiji Era until the postwar era (1890-1945), but also published art, such as illustrations, magazines, cartoons, and magazine supplements. The third floor of the Yayoi Art Museum is designed as a permanent exhibition room showing the works of Kasho. We have fifty works of art by Kasho on constant display, while changing themes every three months.



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